United Nations Angola Verification Mission - UNAVEMI, II or III

United Nations Angola Verification Mission Medal I, II, or III - UNAVEM


 Established to verify the redeployment northward and the phased and total withdrawal of Cuban troops from the territory of the Peoples's Republic of Angola in accordance with the timetable agreed between the Parties. Also, to monitor and verify the extension of State administration throughout the country and the process of national reconciliation; to supervise, control and verify the disengagement of forces and to monitor the cease-fire;  to coordinate, facilitate and support humanitarian activities directly linked to the  eace process, as well as participating in mine-clearing activities; to declare formally that all essential requirements for the holding of the second round of the presidential election have been fulfilled, and to support, verify and monitor the electoral process.
It was awarded for service from 1988 - 1991; 1991- 1995; and 1995 - 1997. These were UNAVEM I, II and III.

UNAVEM I was to confirm the withdrawal of Cuban troops from Angola and to monitor the cease-fire agreement between the government of Angola and the Union for Total Independence of Angola (UNITA).

UNAVEM II began following a peace accord which was signed in Lisbon in May 1991 and Canadian officers joined the observers to ensure the final withdrawal of Cuban and South African forces.

UNAVEM III was mandated to monitor the implementation of the Lusaka Protocol in 1995 by Resolution 976. UNAVEM III was also charged with helping the parties achieve national reconciliation. UNAVEM III’s mandate ended in Jun 1997 with the establishment of the United Nations Observer Mission in Angola (MONUA) by SC Resolution 1118.

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United Nations Angola Verification Mission - UNAVEMI, II or III
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