As with all my certificates, I will personalize this with YOUR name, rank, unit and country at no extra charge. Just email me your information at the time of purchase. This is for the certificate only, NOT for the medal itself.

The certificate will come with the BLUE-foil embossed seal of the Secretary General of the United Nations.
The following medal certificates are available (if one is missing, please let me know):

United Nations Angola Verification Missions: I (1989-91), II (1991-95), III (1995-).  (UNAVEM)

BOSNIA & HERZEGOVINIA (UNMIBH) and INTERNATIONAL POLICE FORCE (UNIPTF) United Nations Mission in Bosnia Herzegovinia (1995-2002).

BURUNDI (UNOB) United Nations Operations in Burundi (Jun 2004-)

BOSNIA (UNPROFOR) CROATIA (UNCRO) United Nations Protection Force operating in the Former Yugoslavia, especially Bosnia (1992-95).
BOSNIA, etc (UNPREDEP) United Nations Preventative Deployment in Yugoslavia (1995-99).

CAMBODIA (UNAMIC) United Nations Advanced Mission in Cambodia (Oct 1991-March 1992).

CAMBODIA (UNTAC) United Nations Transitional Authority in Cambodia (March 1992-Sept 1993).

CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC (MINURCA) United Nations Verification Mission in the Central African Republic to monitor the restoration of peace following the Bangui agreement of 1997.

CENTRAL AMERICA (ONUCA) Observadores de las Naciones Unidas en Centro America (Nicaragua and Guatemala) (1989-92).

CONGO (ONUC 2) Organisation des Nations Unies au Congo (1963-64).

CONGO (MONUC) United Nations Mission in the Congo (2000-).

CYPRUS (UNFICYP) United Nations Force in Cyprus (1964-). Originally 30 days then increased to 90 days service.

DARFUR (UNAMID) United Nations Africa Union Mission in Darfur (2008-).

EAST TIMOR (UNAMET) United Nations Mission in East Timor (1999-).

EASTERN SLAVONIA (UNTAES) United Nations Transitional Authority in Eastern Slavonia (1995-96).

EGYPT, ISRAEL (UNEF 2) United Nations Emergency Force 2 patrolling Israeli-Egyptian cease fire (1973-79).

EL SALVADOR (ONUSAL) Observadores de la Naciones Unidas en El Salvador (1991-95).

ERITREA/ETHIOPIA (UNMEE) United Nations Medal for Service in Ethiopia and Eritrea (2000-).

GEORGIA (UNOMIG) United Nations Observer Mission in Georgia (1993-). For 180 days service.

GOLAN HEIGHTS (UNDOF) United Nations Disengagement Observer Force, Golan Heights (1974-).

GUATEMALA (MINUGUA) Mision de las Naciones Unidas en Guatemala (1994-97).

HEADQUARTERS (UNHQ) United Nations Headquarters, New York
HAITI (MINUSTAH) United Nations Haiti.

HAITI (UNMIH) United Nations Mission in Haiti (1993-96).

INDIA, PAKISTAN (UNMOGIP) United Nations Military Observer Group in India and Pakistan (1949-date).

IRAN / IRAQ (UNIIMOG) United Nations Iran-Iraq Monitoring Observation Group (1988-91).

IRAQ / KUWAIT (UNIKOM) United Nations Iraq Kuwait Observation Mission (1991-).

KOSOVO (UNMIK) United Nations Mission in Kosovo (1999-).

LEBANON (UNTSO) & (UNOGIL) United Nations Observation Group in Lebanon (1958).

LEBANON (UNIFIL) United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (1978-).

LIBERIA (UNOMIL) United Nations Observer Mission in Liberia (1993-).
LIBERIA 2 (UNMIL) United Nations Liberia

MOZAMBIQUE (ONUMOZ) Operation des Nations Unies pour le referendum dans Mozambique (1992-95).

NAMIBIA (UNTAG) United Nations Transitional Assistance Group Namibia (1989-90).

NEW GUINEA (UNSF) (UNTEA) United Nations Temporary Executive Authority - Netherlands New Guinea (1962-63).

NEW YORK (UNHQ) General Service at UN Headquarters, New York.

POLICE SUPPORT GROUP (UNPSG) United Nations Police Support Group Medal (1998).

PREVLAKA (UNMOP) United Nations Mission of Observers in Prevlaka (1996-).

RWANDA (UNAMIR) United Nations Assistance Mission in Rwanda (1993-96).

SIERRA LEONE (UNAMSIL) United Nations Medal for Service in Sierra Leone.
SPECIAL SERVICE (UNSSM) United Nations Special Service Medal

SOMALIA (UNOSOM) United Nations Operations in Somalia I (1992-93) and II (1993-95).
SUDAN (IMAT) United Nations Sudan.
SUDAN (UNMIS) United Nations Mission in Sudan (2005-).

TAJIKISTAN (UNMOT) United Nations Peacekeeping Force in Tajikistan (1994-2000).

UGANDA/RWANDA (UNOMUR) United Nations Observer Mission in Uganda/Rwanda(1993-)

WESTERN SAHARA (MINURSO) United Nations Mission for the Referendum in Western Sahara (1991).

YEMEN (UNYOM) United Nations Yemen Observation Mission (1963-64).

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