Special Forces MAC-V Recondo School Airborne Recon

This is the first-generation certificate for a graduate of the Military Advisory Command-Vietnam's Recondo School run by 5th Special Forces (Green Beret) at Nha Trang.  You can choose one (1) of the diplomas shown. One is older than the other.

This is for the one-week Recondo Course. This was one of the military's toughest courses. Only about half of the people who attended the course actually finished it.

This certificate measures 8.5 by 11 inches.

MACV Recondo school was opened in Nha Trang by Westmoreland in September 1966 and Major Edward Rybat was named as its Assistant Commandant and Detachment Commander of the school staff. This certificate is signed by Rybat AND Kelly. Also available is the Sniper Course and the Long Range Reconnaissance Patrol Course. Just tell me in your email if you want it instead.

Special Forces MAC-V Recondo School Airborne Recon
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