Special Forces Combat Diver Medical Tech Certificate

The John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center and School's Special Forces Underwater Operations School in Key West, FL, provides Special Operations training centering around maritime operations and infiltration techniques used to infiltrate enemy areas to avoid detection. The school offers three specific courses related to underwater operations: the Special Forces Combat Diver Qualification, the Special Forces Diving Medical Technician and the Special Forces Combat Diving Supervisor. All three of these certificates are available from me. The Combat Diver Qualification Course is a four weeks, four days in length. Students are taught the basics in open-circuit scuba and closed-circuit Draeger LAR V Re-breather operations. Open-circuit training includes underwater search and recovery, submarine lock-in and lock-out procedures, ship bottom search, and infiltration techniques. During both phases of training students learn underwater navigation techniques for day and night operations. The Diving Medical Technician Course is 16 days in length. Qualified Special Operations medics learn a broad range of subjects related to the assessment and treatment of diving injures and illnesses. Students become proficient in Scuba Lifesaving and Accident Management which involves the rescue of victims at sea via helicopter, en route treatment of a patient, and administering hyperbaric treatment to a patient with dive injuries. The Combat Diving Supervisors Course is 12 days in length. This course is designed to take the experienced combat diver to a higher level of expertise. During the course, students learn the necessary skills to plan and conduct diving operations for both open-circuit and closed-circuit dives. All three courses are taught by Company C, 2nd Battalion, 1st Special Warfare Training Group (Airborne).

Special Forces Combat Diver Medical Tech Certificate
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