NATO School Course Completion Certificate

This is an 8.5X11 inch diploma for a graduate of The NATO School.  It is on top quality, thick stock and is laser printed. The name and course and date shown on this is a sample; yours will NOT have that printed on it. I will print your personal information on your diploma if you ask me to.

The NATO School, located in Oberammergau, Germany, is a NATO training facility for multinational military education.
Since 1953, the NATO School has trained and educated members of alliance and partner nations. Its mission is to conduct education and individual training that support current and developing NATO operations, strategy, policy, doctrine and procedures.  This includes cooperation and dialogue with military and civilian personnel from non-NATO nations.


The NATO School provides resident courses of instruction in five main disciplines:

  1. Intelligence
  2. Surveillance
  3. Target acquisition and reconnaissance joint operations (JOPS)
  4. Weapons of mass destruction; policy
  5. Non-commissioned officer policy department (NCOPD).

Most courses are one week in duration with many subjects from which to choose.

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Please note that it is 100 percent legal to sell or buy such documents, provided it is to be used:

  1. As a momento, or in a collection or exhibit;
  2. for decorative purposes;
  3. for a dramatic presentation such as theatre, film or television; or
  4. For any other recreational purpose. 

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Courses include:

"ISAF COIN Intelligence Course" (NS)
"NATO Space Operational Planning Course" (NS)
"NATO Intelligence Course" (NS)
"NATO Intelligence Analyst Course" (NS)
"NATO Open Source Intelligence Course" (NS)
"NATO METOC Orientation Course" (NU)
"NATO CJ2X Course" (NS)
"NATO Information & Knowledge Management (IKM) Course" (NU)
"NATO Operations Planners' PSYOPS Course" (NR Rel PfP/EU)
"ISAF PRT Course" (NR Rel ISAF)
"NATO Nuclear Operations Course" (CTSA)
"NATO Nuclear Surety Management Course" (NS)
"NATO Collection Coordination and Intelligence Requirements Management Course" (NS)
"NATO Nuclear Policy Course" (NS)
"NATO Movement Course" (NU)
"NATO Special Operations Aviation Planning Course" (NS)
"NATO Senior Officers Information Operations Course" (NS)
"NATO Conventional Targeting Course" (NS)
"Conventional Forces Europe Treaty Inspector/Escort Course" (NU)
"NATO Information Operations Course" (NS)
"Ground Based Air Defense / Theatre Missile Defence (GBAD/TMD) Course" (NS)
"NATO Joint Electronic Warfare Course" (NS)
"NATO Operational Electronic Warfare Course" (NS)
"NATO ISAF Intelligence Orientation (I2OC) Course" (NS Rel ISAF)
"ACO Combat Readiness Evaluation (CREVAL) Course for Land Forces" (NR Rel PfP/EU)
"ACO GBAD Operations TACEVAL Evaluator Course" (NR Rel PfP)
"ACO Air Logistics TACEVAL Evaluator Course" (NR Rel PfP)
"ACO Force Protection TACEVAL Evaluator Course" (NR Rel PfP)
"ACO TACEVAL Air and ASACS Operations Evaluator Course" (NR Rel PfP)
"NATO Expeditionary Logistics Course" (NU)
"Resource Management Education Programme (RMEP) Course" (NU)
"NATO Senior Officer Policy Course" (NS)
"NATO Staff Officer Orientation Course" (NU)
"NATO Senior NCO Orientation Course" (NU)
"NATO Legal Advisors Course" (NU)
"NATO Consultation, Command and Control (C3) Course" (NR)
"NATO Staff Officer Defence Planning Course" (NR Rel EU)
"NATO/PfP Chaplain Operations Course" (NU)
"NATO Security Course" (NS)
"NATO Reserve Forces Integration Course" (NU)
"NATO Force Protection Course" (NR Rel PfP/EU)
"NATO European Security Cooperation Course" (NU)
"NATO Comprehensive Operations Planning Course" (NU Rel PfP/EU/ISAF)
"NATO Public Affairs in Operations Course"(NU)
"NATO Strategic Operations Planning Course (SOPC)" (NR Rel PfP/EU)
"NATO Public Affairs Policy Indoctrination Course" (NU)
"NATO Intelligence Warning System (NIWS) Course" (NS)
"NATO Geospatial Orientation Course (NGOC)" (NU)
"Training Analysis, Design and Development (ADD) Course" (NU)
"NATO Peace Support Operations Course" (NU)
"NATO Concept Development and Experimentation Course" (NU)
"NATO Crisis Management Course" (NU)
"Combined Joint Operations Centre Course" (NR Rel PfP/EU)
"NATO JOPG Comprehensive Operations Planning Course" (NR)
"NATO Exercise Planning Course" (NU)
"NATO Civil-Military Planning and Support Course" (NU)
"NATO CIMIC Staff Course" (NU)
"Test Design and Evaluation Course" (NU)
"Arms Control Open Skies Orientation Course" (NU Rel OS Signatories)
"Arms Control Non-Proliferation Course" (NU)
"Arms Control Implementation Orientation Course" (NU)
"Arms Control DPA (Dayton Peace Agreement) Assistants Course" (NU)
"Conventional Arms Control Information Exchange Course" (NU)
"Vienna Document Compliance and Verification Course" (NU)
"NATO Defence against Terrorism Course" (NU)
"NATO Military Police Officer Course" (NR Rel EU)
"NATO Operational Law (OPLAW) Course" (NS Rel ISAF)
"Small Arms and Light Weapons (SALW) Course" (NU)
"NATO CBRN Defence Orientation Course" (NU)
"NATO CBRN Warning and Reporting System - Manual Procedures Course" (NU)
"NATO CBRN Defence and Exercise Planning Course" (NU)
"NATO Officer CBRN Defence Policy Course" (NS)
"NATO CBRN Analysis Operators Course" (NU)
"NATO Crisis Response System Course for Experts" (NR Rel PfP)
"NATO Senior Reserve Officers Course" (NU)
"Environmental Management for Military Forces Course" (NU)
"Small Arms and Light Weapons Policy Course" (NU)
"Environmental Protection Requirements for NATO-led Operations" (NU)
"Hazard Prediction and Assessment Capability (HPAC) Course" (NU)
"NATO Biological Warfare Defence Awareness Course" (NS)
"NATO NCO Intermediate Leadership Course" (NU)
"NATO NCO Instructor Course" (NU)
"NATO Command's Senior Enlisted Leader Course" (NU)
"Joint Medical Planner Course" (NU)
"Senior Medical Staff Officer Course" (NU)
"NATO Medical Intelligence Course" (NU)
"NATO Petroleum Course" (NU)
"Iraqi C-IED Operations Course" (NU)
"Movement and Logistics Operational Planning Course (MLOPC)" (NU)
"Host Nation Support Course (HNS)" (NU)
"NATO Logistics Course (NLC)" (NU)
"NATO NCO Advanced Leadership Course" (NU)
"NATO Imagery and IMINT Orientation Course" (NS)
"NATO Joint Weaponeering and Collateral Damage Estimation Course" (NS)
"NATO Academic Instructor Course" (NU)
"NATO Operational Education Course" (NU)
"Iraqi Operations Centre Personnel Command and Control Course" (NU)
"NATO Defence Leadership in Building Integrity Course" (NU)
"ISAF Commander's Intelligence Operations Course" (NS)
"Iraqi Logistics Course" (NU)
"Network Security Course" (NU)
"Network Vulnerability Assessment Course" (NU)
"Network Traffic Analysis Course" (NU)
"ISAF Counter Intelligence Insider Threat Course" (NS)
"S3-113 Iraqi Aviation Course" (NU)
"ISAF Tactical Language and Culture Course - Pashto" (NU)
"ISAF Tactical Language and Culture Course – Dari (ITLCC-D)" (NU)
"Small Arms and Light Weapons (SALW) and Mine Action (MA) Course" (NU)
"NATO Protocol Course" (NU)
"Iraq Key Leader Training Course" (NU)
"COIN Intelligence Preparation of the Operating Environment (IPOE) Course" (NS)
"Introduction to Maritime Security" (NU)
"Pre-Deployment Operational Analysis (OA) Course" (NU)
"NATO Joint Maritime Medical Staff Course" (NU) [JMARMEDS]


NATO School Course Completion Certificate
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