Legion of Merit Medal Original USAF Embossed Certificate 1987

 This is the blank U.S. Air Force Legion of Merit certificate. As you might guess, these are exceeding rare, and this is the only time I have ever seen these listed for sale anywhere. This is the 1987 version.

Awarded for exceptionally meritorious conduct in the performance of
outstanding services and achievements. The decoration is issued both to United
States military personnel and to military and political figures of foreign
governments. The Legion of Merit is one of only two United States decorations to be issued as a neck order (the other being the
Medal of Honor), and the only United States decoration which may be issued in
award degrees (much like an Order of chivalry or certain Orders of Merit). The
Legion of Merit is seventh in the order of precedence of U.S. military
decorations, and is worn after the Defense Superior Service Medal and before the Distinguished Flying Cross. The award is given for service rendered in a clearly exceptional manner. Performance of duties normal to the grade, branch, specialty  or assignment, and experience of an individual is not an adequate basis for this award. For service not related to actual war the term "key individual" applies to a narrower range of positions than in time of war and requires evidence of significant achievement. In peacetime, service should be in the nature of a special requirement or of an extremely difficult duty performed in an unprecedented and clearly exceptional manner. However, the award may be
justified by exceptionally meritorious service in a succession of important


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Legion of Merit Medal Original USAF Embossed Certificate 1987
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