Joint Special Operations University (JSOU) certificate - Special

This is a diploma for a graduate of any of the courses conducted at the Joint Special Operations University. This document is 12x18" and is printed on premium, thick stock.

JSOU is the educational component of the United States Special Operations Command (USSOCOM), MacDill Air Force Base, Florida. The JSOU mission is to educate SOF executive, senior, and intermediate leaders and selected other national and international security decision makers, both military and civilian, through teaching, outreach, and research in thescience and art of joint special operations. JSOU provides education to the men and women of SOF and to those who enable the SOF mission in a joint and interagency environment.

The image is just a sample; yours will not have that name on it.  Here is a listing of courses:

Department of Operational Studies Courses

Introduction to Special Operations Forces (ISOF) -  2.5
Joint Civil-Military Operations Campaign Planning Workshop (JCMOCPW)- 4.5
Joint Special Operations Staff Officer Course (JSOSOC) 4.5
USSOCOM Combatant Command Course (SC3) 5
Joint Special Operations Medical Officer Orientation Course (JSOMOOC) 5
Joint Special Operations Legal Advisor Course (JSOLAC) 4.5
Joint Special Operations Warfighter Certificate (JSOWC)
Joint Special Operations Advanced Planning Applications Course (JSOWC-APA) 10 Days
Joint Special Operations Collaborative Planning Course (JSOWC-CP) - 10
Irregular Warfare Course (JSOWC-IW) -10
Joint Special Operations Advanced Irregular Warfare Course (JSOIWA) - 12
Joint Contemporary Insurgent Warfare Course (JCIWC) 3
Special Operations Forces Senior Enlisted Course (SOFSEC) 10

Department of Strategic Studies Courses

Combating Terrorism Executive Interagency Seminar (CbTEIS) - 2 days
Combating Terrorist Networks Seminar (CbTNS) - 4
Special Operations Forces Interagency Collaboration Course (SOFIACC) - 4.5
Special Operations Support  Team Orientation Course (SOSTOC) - 2
Special Operations Combating Terrorism Course (SOCbT) - 10
Combined/Joint Force Special Operations Component Commander’s Course C/JFSOCC) - 4.5
Joint Special Operations Forces Pre-Command Course (JSOFPCC) - 4.5

The Joint Special Operations Warfighter Certificate (JSOWC) is a nominative programthat is designed and targeted for Special Operations military officers (O-2 to O-4),warrant officers (W-1 to W-4), and senior non-commissioned officers (E-7 to E-9) who are preparing for, en route to, or serving in a Joint Special Operations assignment (CSO, TSOC, JSOC, JTF, or JSOTF).

Please bear in mind that ANY certificate you buy is for personal use only. It cannot be used for any official purpose.


Joint Special Operations University (JSOU) certificate - Special
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