German Fallschirmjäger Airborne 10 Commandments - Deutsch

This is the Ten Commandments of the World War Two. It is 8.5", as shown, on BOOK-quality stock.

You may purchase either the German-language version OR the English-language version for $11.99 each.  Should you wish to buy both, the total for the two would be $20, plus postage.

The image shown for this item is for illustrative purposes only. The German text and English translation are authentic. The first time these "commandments" came to light was when a set was found on a German paratrooper who landed in Greece during the war. This is professionally printed on thermal laser.'


A larger (tabloid-size) edition in German and English is available if you would prefer. This are listed separately.

German Fallschirmjäger Airborne 10 Commandments - Deutsch
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Price $11.99